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Uluslararası Online E-Müzik Dergisi Aboneliği (Bedava)

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Aşağıdaki dergiye bir yıl süresince ücretsiz abone olabilirsiniz...

Announcing a new online refereed research journal:
Music Education Research International (MERI)

Free subscription for the first year: Fall 2007 and Spring 2008 issues

Visit http://meri.arts.usf.edu and subscribe. Contributions are invited.

The inaugural issue features presentations from the 2007 Suncoast Music
Education Research Symposium: Comprehensive Music Education in the
Contemporary World. Contents include:

Bennett Reimer
Comprehensive Education, Comprehensive Music Education: A New Vision

John B. Hylton
Fifty Years of Comprehensive Music Education: Is It Déjà Vu All Over Again?

Margaret S. Barrett
³Surface and Depth²: Generative Tensions for a ³Comprehensive² View of Music

Donald Hodges
The Significance of Music in the Contemporary World

Janet L.S. Moore & Margaret Griffin
Professional Development for Music Educators

Margaret S. Barrett, John B. Hylton, & Bennett Reimer, introduction by
Carlos Xavier Rodriguez, transcription by Julie Troum
Audio Transcription of Concluding Panel of the 2007 Suncoast Music Education
Research Symposium ³Comprehensive Music Education in the Contemporary
World²: Recommendations for Comprehensive Musical Understandings